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So what is Empire mod? It is a mod for Victoria 2 which gives you an extra 135 years of gameplay from 1701 to 1936. This new timeline gives you two new eras to playthrough, the 18th century enlightenment and the Napoleonic era. Your overall strategy will be to become the number 1 ranked nation in the world and stay that way for as long as possible although you will certainly be able to play to your own goals if you so choose, especially if playing as a minor nation like Sumatra, Anhalt or the a North American Tribe. The government types available in Vicky 2 has been expanded to give a wider variety of flavour to politics. With government types ranging from Noble Republics to Enlightened Absolutism and Imperial Autocracies. There are new events covering the enlightenment period, a revolutionary and empire system, and a new dynamic tech tree which allows technologies to progress naturally rather than be constrained by historical year. POP promotion has changed so no more rich farmers suddenly becoming aristocrats. Farmers can move to craftsmen but only when there are modern type factories available for them to work in (so about after 1750), artisans will stay artisans until the industrial era arrives (they might be so poor they are now forced to take work in the new factories) or rich enough so as to promote to capitalists. Soldiers promote to officers and officer to aristocrats and so you get the idea. In otherwords POPs are now subject to a rigid social hierarchy or ladder that they might climb (or fall down) depending on how well are doing economically. There are plenty of new nations fit this new era such as Shan, the mighty Bourbon Empire, the Holy Roman Empire and the Confederation of the Rhine.

Let the age of Empire begin!


Mikeboy (Mod Leader)







The historian








Shadowkano (Iberia Country Mod)

Rylock (Great Wars Mod)

Empire is a community mod, if you want to help it's always appreciated. Currently looking for someone to do; POPs, inventions or flags.

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Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Capital: Berlin

Prestige: 50

Religion: Protestant

Centers of Trade: 0

Plurality: 0.0

Literacy: 70%

Primary Culture: North German

Accepted Cultures: South German

Slavery: Yes

Upper House: Appointed

Voting: No Voting

Public Meetings: No

Press Rights: State Press

Trade Unions: No Trade Unions

Voting System: First past the post

Political Parties: Underground

*No Social Reforms

Strengths: Best Army in 18th century Europe, cores on Silesia and western Poland including danzig, large starting army, excellent generals

Weaknesses: No centers of trade, country split in half, aggressive neighbors, weak economy


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