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Divide et Impera IV

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Divide et Impera IV


Глобальный мод для EU4, созданный с нуля на основе опыта Divide et Impera! для EU III.

Включающий в себя :

- множество новых решений;

- новые идеи;

- переработан баланс игры;

- стартовая дата перенесена к 1356 году;

- многие другие плюшки.

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1) Скачиваем;

2) Открываем и переносим все файлы в Мои документы\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\;

3) Затем, открываем лаунчер игры, переходим в панель моды и активируем Divide et Impera IV;

4) Играем.

Список изменений (на английском)Нажмите здесь!
 Обновление: 24 янв в 13:09

- rebalanced stability recovering (especially for AI);

- new events for giving land to homeless military order;

- new country Alcantara - spanish military order, could be created via event;

- refreshed previous load screens and added 4 new;

- hopefully that bug with corrupted saves is definitely removed.

Обновление: 11 янв в 21:05

- new events and decisions about Silver Fleet simulating import treasures from the New World (scripted by byzsla);

- new 'Welcome event';

- changes in Autonomy system: each step now changing local autonomy by 20 instead 25, you can do it next time after 20 years (instead 30), but increasing autonomy give you just -5% unrest, decreasing gives +8% unrest;

- fixed problems with hussities (CTD at starting hussite wars, removed religious centers at start);

- balanced new Stability system, added event for removing recovery modifier at +3 stab level;

- reform desire removed from the game (I have plan to use that modifier for something different).

- fixed and balanced buddist events (scripted by Luven);

- other minor changes (names in Spain, position for some provinces etc.).

Обновление: 6 янв в 3:57

- new Recovering stability process instead of the 'one-click button system'. The process is based on the disaster idea - your recovering is filled like disaster and at the finish your country get one stability point. Still you can boost recovering paying ADM points by special decision;

- election of the monarch system from 'Res Publica' DLC is moved now from Elective monarchy to Noble republic. Noble republic is now mix of monarchy and republic (legitimacy is also activate, but you can see it in modifiers panel);

- new election events for Elective monarchy instead of 'Res Publica' system (scripted by byzsla);

- new events and decision for Buddhist countries (scripted by Luven);

- 5 new mountain (wasteland) provinces in Europe for making more realistic barriers between some regions (inspired by Veritas et Fortitudo mod);

- balanced start in 1356 (especially for France, Castille, Lithuania, Sweden or Hungary);

- less penalty per year ahead in technology research;

- static fog of war (inspired by Better Fog of War mod);

- some other minor graphic changes (event pictures, flags, trade routes);

- bug fixes - 'Byzantine crisis' no more show in France, fixed straits in Greece, other fixes.

Обновление: 15 дек, 2014 в 2:44

- fixed bug with corrupted saved games;

- new event and decision about Byzantine crisis.

Обновление: 14 дек, 2014 в 14:13

- mod is compatible with 1.9.2 patch now;

- fixed bug with advisor - now all types are available;

- grand captains give now less morale bonus;

- other small fixes.

Обновление: 6 дек, 2014 в 10:11

- stability is 25% more expensive at war;

- war exhaustion make technology more expensive.

Обновление: 6 дек, 2014 в 5:32

- mod is compatible with 1.8.1 patch now!

- changes in map: map from new patch and from DeI are mixed; around 30 new provinces, especially in Africa;

- new borders for provinces in Africa, East Europe and Siberia, also some changes in other continents

- some wastelands are changed into passable provinces, but with new modifier: hard climate;

- changes in tradenodes and traderoutes: new localization and routes, just two end nodes left - in Netherlands and in Beijing;

- some new flags from tullio25 - especially for bishopric states in Europe;

- new events for AI in Burgundy - now suppose to easier inherit the low countries;

- a lot of minor fixes and changes.

Обновление: 17 окт, 2014 в 23:30

- new modifiers for big countries with some penalties: less taxes, manpower or longer nationalism in provinces;

- new modifiers for small countries: cheaper bulidings and armies, more manpower but lower colonial range;

- military ideas (basic and some countries) now are weaker;

- new decision and events for Mesoamerican countries (by byzsla);

- some changes for Romania: new cultures and changed unification decision;

- other minor fixes.

Обновление: 4 сен, 2014 в 1:00

- new 7 events delay or support cultural change;

- cultural change is now faster and cheaper (but still much more longer and more expensive than vanilla's!) - all because of events above ;)

- AI countries have some bonuses events helping them with heavy inflation and giving to some countries exploration ideas if the AI forget to take it;

- first buildings comes a little bit earlier now;

- Muslim countries have no more the heir bonus from religion - that comes from harem modifier;

- Center of Trade modifier have now 3 steps: Local, Important and Great with less or more bonuses, more provinces in Europe have it;

- Golden Horde get modifier rising the revolt risk;

- some changes in culture group colors and other minor fixes.

Обновление: 26 авг, 2014 в 2:30


- added 15 new countries in Mesoamerica and South America;

- new decisions to unite Aztecs and Mayas and change Inca to real Andean Empire;

- new form of government - tribal empire;

- new national ideas for Inca;

- 5 new andean cultures;

- new loadscreen with funeral of Atahualpa;

Some other changes:

- the Caribbean are NO longer considered as colonial region! Now each small island is worth more;

- each national idea is unlock after 4 basic ideas now;

- fixed some other minor bugs.

Обновление: 18 авг, 2014 в 2:35

- eight new historical load screens - each for different European country:

1. Denmark - Ransom of the Visby (Gotland) to king Valdemar IV (1361)

2. Russia - The fall of Novgorod, punished by Ivan the Terrible (1570)

3. Poland - Protest against the signing of the first partition of Poland (1773)

4. Spain - Juana 'la Loca' after death of her husband Philip the Handsome (1506)

5. France - Catherine de' Medici after St. Bartholomew's Day massacre (1572)

6. Sweden - Soldiers bring the body of the Charles XII home (1718)

7. Italy - The pope Julius II looks on a plans of the new St. Peter's Basilica (1506)

8. Great Britain - Death of the Horatio Nelson at Battle of Trafalgar (1805)


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Войдите или зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы увидеть скрытое содержимое.

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