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A Game of Thrones


Версия мода: 1.6

Версия игры: 2.8.1
Скачать: AGOT 1.6 win istaller | AGOT 1.6 ZIP-архив

Checksum: HRDM

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Версия мода: 1.5
Версия игры: 2.7.1
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Версия мода: 1.4.1
Версия игры: 2.7.1
Скачать: AGOT 1.4.1 win istaller | AGOT 1.4.1 ZIP-архив


Версия игры: 2.6.3
Версия мода: 1.3.2


Версия игры: 2.6.3
Версия мода: 1.3.1


Версия игры: 2.6.2
Версия мода: 1.3 (чексумма NOON )


Версия игры: (чексумма OTSX)
Версия мода: 1.2 (чексумма QTPB)



ВНИМАНИЕ! Для стабильной работы мода требуется минимум 4 ГБ оперативной памяти и 64-х битная Windows.


Patch 1.6 Notes  

Patch 1.6 Notes
This patch mainly concerns patch 2.8 and The Jade Dragon DLC, with many new additions and fixes

- Updated mod for 2.8
- Major portrait updates
- Valyrian steel swords and dragon eggs now use the artifact system. 
- Rename dragons, swords and other artifacts
- AI is less likely to kidnap random young women
- Reinstated ursine shenanigans
- Improved dragon-feline interaction


Version 1.6
- Updated mod for 2.8

Jade Dragon/2.8:
- Integrated some DLC falvour events and event pictures
- Integrated vanilla write book events
- Applied new monastic government to Norvos to make them playable
- Applied new vanilla kinslayer system, also added a suspected kinslayer trait
- Adapted JD hiring chinese strategist events to the mod
- Linked maesters with the new teacher title
- Added the new vanilla vassalisation casus belli
- Andals can use force vassalisation against First Men
- Added the new vanilla unjust war CB, game rule is defaulted to off
- Yi Ti culture now puts dynasty name before first name
- Added a special tributary type for the Sarnori mechanics

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Added a modified version of the Rhoynar+ water magic. Can only be used in province bordering the rhoyne or it's tribuatries
- Added a game rule for Targaryen coin flip event
- A poor and weak AI patrician may now sell their family palace and patrician status to another lord
- Added option to foreign tour to vist the wonders made by man (event text by Sinstar)
- Holding upgrades now work via a settlement decision. They can also no longer fail.
- Reworked vanilla 'weaken fellow vassal' plot. It can no longer result in war, and has improved AI logic
- Added an 'old and lonely' mourning event
- Improved vanilla 'arbitrary' trait events
- Kingsguard can now choose sides in a mega war
- When successfully pressing a claim, a lord may now sometimes choose to vassalise the target rather than usurp
- Added a decision to reassign a councillor to another vacant council position
- Made it harder to legitimise bastards, only kings and independent rulers can now grant legitimisation in most circumstances
- Added some smuggling events for pirates
- Unlanded characters may now renounce or take up piracy
- Kingdoms inherited by distant relatives who are not dynasts now usually fall into interregnum (applies to Dany in Meereen)
- Improved dragon-feline interaction
- Removed vanilla ask to embargo action and replaced with a decision for the mod, so AI and other conditions can be better controlled.
- The Iron Throne's traditional capital can now dynamically change to king's landing and other places
- Valyrian Steel wars now starts via an ultimatum issued via diplomatic interaction
- Added more Others update events
- Adjusted structure of siege take prisoners event, including added option to put them all in house arrest which precludes subsequent requests for house arrest
- Jon Snow now gets the deserter trait if he accepts Stannis' offer and is defeated in the North
- Added more options for replies to demands for raiding redress
- Mercenary company wealth is now distributed amongst its members
- Added events informing others of interesting trials by combat/court
- Added notification event whenever a random combat skill increase is successful
- Robb now makes some friend in his first ACoK event
- The event for faith of the seven high valyrians to take an extra 'spouse' is now a decision
- Using wildfire in an offensive siege is now a decision
- When the Great Sept is built in King's Landing it is now named after whoever built it
- Made some revisions to Danny Flint event chain
- The player can rename their newborn dragons to whatever they like
- Non-valyrians can now convert to valyrian culture if one of their parents is valyrian
- Added an option to grant a landless character a vacant kingdom if the capital is held by a vassal republic
- Added notification for when commanders are defeated in personal combat during battle
- Added a Marwyn the Mage event in AFFC
- Added an event where a ruler can try to force their widowed relatives to get married
- The force marriage decision can now be used between prisoners and any available courtier
- The player can now directly pick slave breeding partners from the decision menu
- Landholding priests of the Boash religion will get the blinded trait
- If Victarion uses the dragon horn, there is now a chance that Euron will get the dragon
- Few important Reach Lords can now choose to follow Stannis or Tyrells after Renly's death during Parley at Storm's End

- Valyrian steel swords now use the artifact system. Added a portrait indicator for owners of valyrian steel artifacts. Traits retained for dead characters for history purposes.
- Added the option to view the past holders of valyrian steel artifacts
- Added a decision to seize ancestral valyrian steel from prisoners. Also added a game rule to allow the seizure of any valyrian steel
- Dragon eggs are now artifacts
- Added dragon horns as artifacts that are very useful for dragon taming
- The player can now rename most atrifacts (converted the 'destroy artifact' button into a 'manage artifact' button)
- Added an option to sell an artifact
- Added new portrait layer that displays equipped canon crowns
- Converted flagships into artifacts
- Patrician flagship feud event now uses flagship artifacts
- When the AI obtains a generic valyrian steel it will now be given a dynamic name
- Artifacts are now transferred after an interregnum council
- Added a fire sword artifact
- Added arakh, crystal sword and daaario's ladies artifacts
- Dynamically forged Iron Throne crowns are now named after the first holder
- Added more crowns, weapons, book and other misc artifacts
- Added a special event for colonising Old Ghis
- Fixed Royce Bronze Armor

Alchemist Guild:
- Erudite characters can now join the Alchemists Guild
- Boosted chance of AI characters joining the Alchemists Guild
- Fixed shortage of Wisdoms in the Alchemists Guild
- Added a warning for the player when they cannot receive missions from The Alchemists Guild
- Alchemists will no longer ask to go to The Citadel for training
- Alchemists will no longer volunteer for the Night's Watch

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- SPOILER: J can now find out about R+L at feasts, weddings and other events
- Added Empress Khiara the Great's Lengi indepdence war to the Century of Blood bookmark
- Added a second bookmark to Century of Blood for Harwyn Hardhand's invasion of the Riverlands
- Changed some historical dates for ancient characters in Dorne
- Qarth has control of the Jade Gate provinces in the Century of Blood
- Added historical date changes for ancient characters to the Century of Blood files
- The Yellow Emperor that married a Valyrian is no longer active in the Century of Blood, moved back 1000 years
- Fixed House Branfield being kingslander culture
- Jon is now friends with Robb and Arya
- Updated stats/traits of Mance Rayder, Darkstar, Drogo, Mace Tyrell, 
- Added grandsons to House Norrey and Flint
- Added unnamed Manderly household knight
- Fixed Little and Big Walder birth dates
- House Strong now owns the Red Fork
- Added more blackfyre claimants to the Blackfyre lineage history
- Added House Reyaan as a patrician house in Braavos
- Made many adjustments and fixes to Targaryen, Velaryon and Blackfyre families
- Updated history/traits of Justin Massey, Pycelle
- Adjusted Euron's traits/stats and restored his eyepatch
- Added Byan Votyris, Pello Greenbeard, Harmen Dondarrion, Roro Uhoris
- Updated house Wode book era family
- Fixed Terrance Storm's dynasty
- Fixed Renly's birth date
- Made some House Toland revisions
- Made Euron and Theon/Asha rivals
- Updated Jason Lannister's history
- Updated Varamyr Sixskins family/traits/history
- Updated the Harles wildling family
- Updated Rhaenys' traits
- Added quick trait to Maester Aemon
- Added some canon black brothers
- Made Santagar book era family bigger
- Caswells are now neutral in Wot5K
- Phillip Foote now backs the King in AFFC
- Harrenhal vassals are now sworn to the Tullys in ACoK
- Fixed succession laws in some iron islands titles
- Whitehill-Forrester war is now only ongoing only in between ACoK and AFFC, to avoid interference with canon wars
- Added some canon courtiers to Dany's court
- Changed House Sunglass to Stormlanders rather than West Valyrians
- Changed some historical character dates for ancient characters in the Reach
- Changed some historical dates for ancient characters in the Vale
- Made Harwood Stout one-armed
- Other misc database updates/fixes

- Made some revisions to siege capture events
- Boosted chance of North/Vale AI getting a claim on The Sisters during the canon conflict period
- Some casus bellis no longer give 100% war score when capturing the enemy
- Revised conditions/AI for someone stealing the throne from a nominated female heir, player will no longer be forced into this
- A sub-vassal can no longer declare independence from a dejure liege
- The restriction on attempting to tame a dragon in a province owned by a dragon rider now also applies if the owner is a dragon riding dynasty (meaning the dynasty head is or has been a dragon rider)
- Yellow Emperor invader can no longer have a dragon
- A regent must now have some sort of claim/justification for stealing the throne via event. Now also incurs dishonour.
- Lowered opinion of spouse threshold for becoming a widow
- It is now harder for females of an agnatic culture to go on a landless adventure
- Deaths in trials by combat are now slightly less likely
- Rebalanced prestige/salary of all council and honourary titles
- Added ticking unoccupied warscore to several casus bellis
- Wildlings joining defensive coalitions is now less likely
- Added a defeated major revolt modifier that gives fear, and prevents most rulers from joining factions against rulers with high fear
- Pirate realms inherited by non-pirates now break up
- Unlanded dragon riders may now sometimes reject marriages
- If a wildling king is defeated during an invasion their realm may now shatter if they have insufficient prestige
- Night's Watch, kingsguard, dragons etc can no longer be invited to court
- High rank rulers now start with more prestige at the start of the game
- Adjusted trial by combat champion requirements
- Nomads can no longer seek raiding redress
- Decreased chance of making friends at feasts
- Pressing the claim of a courtier now results in a non-aggression pact
- Dragon riders can now always use fabricate claim on liege title plot if liege is not a dragon rider
- Reduced martial gain from dragon rider trait
- Made tourney winners pursuing related queens of love and beauty less likely
- The traits of a child's educator now has an effect on what childhood traits they may get (Conclave DLC)
- Immortal characters will no longer become infirm, blind or incapable
- Estimated duel skill now effects trait cost in ruler designer
- Rulers can now surrender to emancipation war declarations
- The player now has the choice on whether to usurp a nominated female heir
- All province modifiers that effect build time now also effect colony completion time
- Added some restrictions on when the vengeance CB can be used
- Made Danny Flint event less likely
- Increased fort level siege assault cap to 10
- Added a 5 year opinion boost for characters who have won a kingsmoot, which also allows use of the ironborn invasion CB regardless of loyalists. Zealous trait also now allows this CB
- Ironborn with certain traits are now more likely to join loyalist factions of a liege who can use the invasion CB
- Made some adjustments to Euron's start in AFFC so that his vassals like him more
- Liege's can no longer command a vassal to stand down if they are imprisoned by them
- Night's Watch deserters can no longer call for coalition aid
- Rulers at war with the faith will no longer get the option to join the Warrior's Sons

- Rulers are less likely to join coalitions for foreigners or for wars between minor parties
- Adjusted AI dragon intimidation. Will now never declare war on a strong dragon rider unless overwhelmingly more powerful.
- Added some more AI restrictions to some plots
- AI use of field of fire decision is now triggered by event, to ensure they use it in good time
- Improved AI logic for accepting to be a trial champion (less likely to fight own relatives)
- Improved AI post mega war punishment logic
- Characters with the tame a dragon ambition may now actively seek a dragon to tame
- Expanded AI traditional naming system to include more great houses
- Made some adjustments to faction AI
- Ai is less likely to kidnap random young women
- AI regents may now fire their liege's councillors
- The AI should now never transfer vassalage of The Kingsguard

Graphics and portraits:
Major portrait updates
- Added many new portrait graphics improvements (westerosi, northman, ironborn, valyrian)
- New Hair and Beards (Western, Northman, Dornish, Dothraki, Free Cities, Muslim, Ironborn)
- New Clothes and Headgear (Andal, Dothraki, Ghiscari, Ironborn, Muslim, Myrman, Northman, Qartheen, Dornish, Western, Valyrian)
- Fixed a headgear bug with Merchant portraits (new portraits now hide the missing hair that is triggered for slots 10, 12, 13 and 14)
- New "Shared" graphics (artifact crowns, scars, illnesses)
- New version of Norvosi beards
- New Myrman ethnicity
- CotF and Islander portraits replaced
- Brindle portraits now use Dothraki clothes/headgear
- Minor adjustment/fix to Western middle-aged male portraits nose and mouth position
- Much needed fixes to the order of portrait layers for several cultures (example: some old portraits had scars appear above clothes)
- Modified White Walker headgear. Metal crowns have been replaced with "Night King" style ice horns.
- Added on to "red_dots" and "boils" (portraits now slightly change for warlock, white walker, undead, greyscale, greyscale scarred, stressed, drunkard, or sick characters)
- Added new White Walker portrait components (base appearance mediated through red_dots, headgear updated)
- Nefer now uses tibetan holding graphics
- YiTish now use chinese portraits and holdings graphics
- Fixed dodgy slavery event pictures
- Added House Hardyng to dynamic CoA system
- Added death icons for duels, sold into slavery, fire, wildfire, missing, dragons, stillborn, eaten and snu snu NOTE: need to check if the duel one automatically recolours red for known killers or not, if not get a red version of it
- Added Brindlemen portraits by Fededorian
- Added Lysten's Northman graphics
- Updated Winter Crown in artifact gfx
- New "Zorse" artifact picture
- New Qohor flag (submitted by BlackGoat)
- New religious portraits
- Jogos heads slightly adjusted

- The Three Sisters now use Iron Islands base value buildings (renamed)
- Can now build base values in colonised nomad lands
- Added a Volcanic Activity building to Shadowlands, Marahai and Valyria which has same effects as the Dragonmont
- Sothoryos wealth buildings can now be built in Goggosos
- Fair isle is now directly sworn to The Westerlands
- Adjusted base values of some westerland holdings (including weakening Fang Tower)
- Re-arranged some Stormland provinces
- Fixed flea bottom shipyard
- Removed the basilisk islander culture. Basilisk Isles now have random cultures in a similar fashion to The Stepstones
- The Isle of Lice is now an inhabited island in the Basilisk Isles
- Added more holdings to Trader Town
- Increased supply limit in jungle provinces
- Removed adjaciency beetween Holyhall and Inchfield as the first one is not bordering Mander

- Made some optimisations based on event trigger frequency data
- Ruler designer bastards are now given a bastard nickname if possible
- Random high valyrians are no longer kept before 8050, instead they are converted to West/Essosi valyrian culture
- The high valyrian cull now changes culture/appearance/name of invalid high valyrians instead of killing them
- Made effects of harvest feast event clearer
- Reinstated ursine shenanigans
- Claimant adventurers now have title rank and style befitting their target. Can now also use dynamic COA
- Tweaked notch draw loose event
- Added many dynasty names by damocles
- Added missing defined barony to Lannisport
- Revised ransom offer events
- Asabhad is now in the Yi Ti culture group and uses a mix of Hyrkoon and Yi Ti gods
- Added council voting on forming/breaking alliances/pacts
- Prohibited mythical characters from plots/ambitions
- Added many scripture names for religions
- Added some improved culture name sets by Damocles (Wildlings, valyrian, free cities, dothraki, ibbenese, summer islander)
- Added maintenance culling large white walker courts
- Added a maintenance event for Dany's quest fixing any breakages in the event chain
- Made dragontamer nickname less prevalent
- Missing characters are now considered inaccesible and are infertile
- Made some adjustments to Nightswatch / white walkers calls to arms
- Hunt subversives job action is now disabled if devil worshippers are disabled (there is nothing to hunt)
- Made it impossible to hold claims on many special titles
- Changed Rose and Lion automatic join-to-war to ten years alliance beetween Mace and Joff so Mace is now called to arms by Joffrey to both anti-Robb and anti-Stannis wars. Only if started while Renly is alive.

Internal Scripting:
- Added a is_smart_incl_genius_trigger and is_dumb_incl_imbecile_trigger scripted triggers
- Added a is_old_gods_religion_trigger scripted trigger, which checks if a character is any version of an old gods religion
- Added a can_assign_admiral_trigger scripted trigger
- Changed internal dragon culture code to dragon_culture (to avoid clashing with cached dragon trait)
- Adjusted how tyranny is applied, using new on_tyranny_gained_tyrant_only on action
- Put dragons in their own culture/religion group
- Added a stillbirth_chance_effect scripted effect
- Updated increase_red_god_magic to use if, else_if, else structure so it can be used without exiting an entire effect
- Removed all instances of NOT = { has_global_flag = pre_conquest_scenario } and replaced with start_date = 8000.1.1
- Added a true_valyrian_culture_trigger trigger (high, west or essosi valyrian)
- Optimised many decisions using new ai_check_interval option
- Removed much AI yearly slavery and wildfire maintenance and merged it into decisions (using ai_check_interval)
- Added some more conditional tooltips to various things
- Added ai = no pre-trigger to many decisions
- Utilised new death_effects and lose_effects in several minor titles
- Implemented show_only_failed_conditions = yes to some decisions
- Implemented dynasty = actually_culture to various create_character effects

- Starks can no longer savage a dragon to death in their sleep
- Dragons can no longer be burned at the stakes as apostates
- White Walkers will no longer visit your brothel
- Fixed pirates sometimes being able to invade kingdoms
- Adjusted ruin maintenance eto ensure ruined flags are always present
- Novices exiled from The Citadel now lose maester education modifier
- Fixed destroying your own flagship when liberating your capital in a siege
- Removed buggy dynasty claim plot
- Fixed receiving carousing invites from a dead person
- Fixed Ai not picking a syncretic faith
- When a character converts they now lose their syncretic faith
- Fixed overthrow monarchy resolution in Norvos
- Fixed bug where if senior Triarch lost election and was only left with their family palace they would lose this palace within a day
- Fixed slave labour modifiers not applying to family palaces
- Fixed CTD when changing character caused by missing councillor map graphics
- Kingsguard at war with the king can no longer be used in trial by combat or battlefield/plot protection
- Fixed special Robert's Rebellion interregnum
- Fixed religious revolt leaders sometimes usurping patrician family palaces
- Paranormal devil worshipper maluses can now only occur when magic has returned to the world
- Fixed r+l parentage decision not working in some cases
- Immortal resurrected characters can no longer die of old age
- Infants can no longer gain personality traits from feast/siege events
- Fixed Nightsong not being seized by Stannis when he wins the Iron Throne
- Fixed instance of broken legitimise daeron the good decision
- Fixed hacking off limb to cure greyscale never working
- Fixed duplicated inherited dragon egg exploit
- Fixed women getting reaving salt wife event
- Fixed looping cuckolding opinion bug
- Fixed Household Guard not working in patrician palace holdings
- Fixed some issues with 'republic' military commands
- Fixed bug where a baron tier patrician would lose their patrician status when colonising a ruin
- Incapables can no longer become Azor Ahai
- Titular kingdoms with a unique title will be given that title on startup if the kingdom is active
- Added missing localisation for event cold_winds.67
- Fixed Old Ghis not being a ruin in Cenutry of Blood


Version 1.3.1

- Mod updated for 2.6.3

- Somewhat reduced the chance of epidemics
- Integrated Butterfly Fever into the Reapers systems
- Readded health malus from cancer
- The Red Death now uses Reapers systems for those with that DLC (previous events still in place for those without)
- Winter Fever now only occurs in winter
- Added an Old Ones event chain
- Added some more recruited physician possibilities

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- If Edmure or the Blackwoods defeat the Iron Throne in AFFC they now have a choice what to do with the iron Throne, as in other depose liege wars
- When an interregnum starts, the Lord Protector can now offer peace to claimants who are attacking
- Valyrian steel can now counter shadow babies
- Alternate wikid chains give you correct dynastic sword if possible
- Added option to try and diplomatically annex allies
- Added an option to make the White Walkers harder by doubling the number of event spawned troops they get
- Merged legitmisation of Gulltown Arryns, Karstarks and cadet dynasties into one targetted decision. Added Wensington, Bolling, Oldflowers and pre-Stormlands Baratheon as canon cadet dynasties.
- Cadet dynasties can now dynamically emerge from landed bastard branches.
- Added scripted cadet dynasties for 75~ direct LP/King dynasties in Westeros, coa art by Rabid Bogling
- Allow the granting of a cadet dyansty to a sibling
- Added execution options for skinchangers
- Adjusted the post-siege infrastructure destruction event, so it now dynamically destroys any building in any type of holding (with some exceptions)
- Added an event where the capital city of a kingdom may dynamically grow in base value
- Added a warning event for when a colony is being sieged
- Added a game rule for fabricating claims, can disable the ability or speed up/slow down the process
- Actual queens can now be named Queen of Love of Beauty by tourney winners
- Updated kidnap plots from CK2+ (thanks to CK2+)
- Added a couple of flavour events (idea and event text by Pekay)
- Added a generic decision for a theocracy to claim the religious head title (merging with the similar thenn decision)
- Added a divorce decision for religious heads
- Added possible consequences for appointing lowborn, foreign or infidel Kingsguard

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- Added more wiki links, and added a new wiki link icon
- Fixed Maelys Blackfyre being an unplayble republic
- The player should no longer experience unexpected game overs whilst playing in Astapor during ACoK or AFFC. Also updated Cleon the Butcher's family/court, and added more family to the good masters
- Roose and Walda are now married when ACOK bookmark starts to keep the Frey-Bolton relationship in line
- Roose Bolton and Wyman Manderly are the Master of Whispers and Law for Robb in AcoK
- Removed ruthless trait from Dany. Added a hostage related event for Dany in her quest.
- Young Griff and J may now gain incest modifiers
- Fixed targ loyalist opinions to Aegon I
- Added Quaithe, Hizdahr's Loraq ancestors, Old John Mudd, Grazdan the Great
- Added an unknown dragon common ancestor to Dany's dragon, so they can be on the same dynasty tree
- Removed Balerion's dragon father so the Targ dragons can be found via Balerion as a child of Aenar the Exile's character for when they die out
- Fixed gap in Night's Watch Lord Commander history
- Adjusted traits of Aurane Waters
- Added Red Princes of Dorne, Leo Costayne
- Fixed rider of Morning being Baela instead of Rhaena
- Added Floris Baratheon's marriage, stillborn son and death
- Added House Grimm as a Rhaenyra supporter in the Dance
- Fixed birth dates of some Freys
- Added more interesting characters to later bookmarks
- Other misc character updates and fixes

- Added a fear system. Traits, actions and other factors contribute to a fear score for each ruler, the higher the fear the less likely most vassals are to join faction.
- Made bizarre nomadic marriages check more robust
- Balanced AI logic for various prisoner decisions
- Rebalanced execution method choice AI logic
- Cannibalism should now be much less likely
- Made the conditions for wildlings to try and steal a spearwife more restrictive, to prevent huge wildling courts that develop
- The AI will now more aggressively dispose of useless slaves
- When Dothraki pillage a settlement it may now rarely turn into a ruin
- Mega war mechanics now apply to non-nomad vassals of nomads
- Made some adjustments to landless nomadic raiders
- Made characters with claim on iron throne or in a feud with the king less likely to join the kingsguard
- Added opinion boost for vassals when their relative is granted land
- Adjusted distribution of education traits, making middle levels more likely. Also changed learning bonus from education cost tiers
- On age 12 a child may be a progidy which grants learning and stat boosts to give a better education outcome
- White Walkers now get a bonus stack of troops after conquering The Wall and after a successful siege
- Made other fixes and tweaks to the White Walkers
- Pirate mutinies now target the province owner rather than top liege
- Characters will no longer ask for payment to educate their own relatives
- Lowborns will now only appear as candidates for the Kingsguard if they have high prestige
- Empire tier players can no longer raise vassal levies whilst considering a faction ultimatum
- Blackfyre/young griff invasion is now more likely if the claimant is in his prime
- Reduced duel skill modifier from the tall trait from 4 to 3
- Children declared incapable should now get all childhood releated events
- Vassals can now ask for the transfer of vassals with special titles (e.g. Bearded priests, Rhllor)
- Aegon can no longer legalise slavery during the conquest (to stop emancipation wars)
- New godswood tree sprouting is now much more likely
- Adjusted plot AI, plots to kill characters should be less numerous
- Only capable adults can use pirate king decisions
- Iron throne wars against Stannis now take priority over Brotherhood wars when vassals choose sides via mega war
- Successful nationalist revolts will no longer usurp occupied provinces where the holder is already the native culture group

Graphics and portraits:
- Fixed mustache epidemic (removed the special Bearded Priest beards)
- Improved some event pictures, and fixed the broken dothraki event images
- Added icons for all decisions
- Added many new holding images by Attiris
- Added some new graphics from Attiris's submod (Investigate ambition icon, Ironborn headgear, Dornish headgear, temple holding images, Maester texture)
- Fixed up problems with holding images for some cultures
- Updated Cape of Eagles flag
- Added flag for Mardosh
- Added pyramid image for Ghiscari family palaces

- Moved the location of some baronies in The Riverlands
- Added a unique building for Starfall
- Made the islands in The Jade Sea colonisable
- Regular goldmines can now be built in Casterly Rock/Castamere sub-holdings
- Added silver mines to Yronwood
- Made new volantis a military command directly under the control of The Triarchy
- Added more provinces to Leng
- Added holy sites for religions missing them
- Fixed New Barrel/Holyhall being in the wrong dejure High Lordship
- Fixed some port positions along The Rhoyne
- Removed link/shortcut between Saltpans and Darry
- Adjusted number of holdings/base values in Bay of Claws
- Adjusted starting prosperity values of some provinces in particular scenarios (e.g. riverlands are not prosperous in AFFC)
- Fixed kingsroad modifier being on Deddington instead of Darry

- Altered the displayed duel rating to be the logarithm (base sqrt2) of the actual multiplier. This is to ensure more accurate scores when comparing characters. Age effects are now also taken into account for the displayed score.
- Various Triarchy mechanics tweaks/fixes
- If a character wins 50% of the vote in a Triarch election all other candidates in the same party now get a boost to their own vote count
- Added a nightswatch_culture_trigger which has cultures which can banish people to the watch. Excluded old andals and rhoynar from this.
- Added some pirate government type maintenance
- Optimised all way of life focus events that still used MTTH. Also made most focus events less likely
- Lowered unimportant culling age to 33, but raised court size threshold to 15
- Optimised Royal Proclamations
- Added historical = yes to many event created characters, which prevents culling by the game engine
- If more than 40 funeral guests the leaving list is not displayed
- Wildling government is now called Tribal
- Removed 'mo' patronyms from far east cultures
- Added more valyrian dynasty names
- Merged Admiral and Master of Ships titles (culture names now done in loc files)
- Added a enslave_effect scripted effect
- Removed Yellow Emperor from non-lore invasion rule, and it now frequently happens in later bookmarks
- Added maintenance for when slave owners/traders become unlanded
- Corrected noun for people of Lys to Lyseni
- Republics and rulers with the business focus can now be slave traders
- Added GetShipName cusotm localisation to get flagship name, see how to use in custom loc file
- Added updated tour event text by SinStar
- Added custom localisation returning a characters animal companion type
- Added a can_be_admiral_trigger scripted trigger
- Wildlings no longer use Greenseers as their healer (they are supposed to be rare). Added an event where you encounter a skinchanger instead.
- Checksum check event now only occurs at the start of the game
- Made the dynastic stability restrictions more strict (No more Stannis changing to a Targaryen)
- Added generic evil god names to all religions
- Made some fixes/tweaks to player foreign tour.
- Updated childhood trait tooltips to include mod traits
- Added more nicknames for successful liberators
- Nomads can no longer have admiral councillors
- Spouses and parents are now informed when a bastard is legitmised

- Made some validator fixes
- Fixed Rhllor healing not curing scurvy or possessed
- Grey Clansmen can no longer be random event characters
- Barred some decisions being used against diplomatically immune characters
- Fixed Orys having both bastard and legit bastard traits upon becoming a Baratheon in history files
- Fixed CTD that can occur when colonising Dothraki land
- Fixed being able to spy on people out of diplomatic range
- Adjusted way religious opinion is applied for faith authority, fixing non-faith religious heads liking high faith authority
- Made some fixes to faction AI, including problem where AI would wrongly not join indepedence factions
- Fixed up Yi Ti mega war setup in later bookmarks
- Infants can no longer become feared reavers
- Fixed councillor titles in feudal vassal kingdom realms, and other special government types
- Removed duplicate commit suicide decision, also fixes bug of not getting to use reapers due flavour for suicide
- Councillors who are made a noble get their position back once they get their new dynasty
- Fixed event text for various execution events
- Fixed problem where unbuilt barony titles could be held by ruins or their colonisers
- A trade focus destination should now be found if the whole map is owned by the same realm (mainly effects Westeros Only submod)
- Fixed mega war bug where vassals whose titles were being contested were sometimes split from the realm, invalidating wars
- Adjusted upset priest tower event
- If a patrician changes the gender law of their primary title the family palace title now also changes
- Fixed unrestricted duel game rule
- Fixed possible Aegon-Dany alliance trigger
- Fixed imprisoning owned slaves giving tyranny
- Fixed regnal numbering in some titles due to historical characters with no name
- Corrected tall trait localisation
- Fixed bug where you could repeatedly use the execution decision
- Duel engine modifier overflow issues should no longer occur
- Dragons should no longer become ill
- Added a workaround for vanilla bug where an imprisoned heir sometimes is released when inheriting titles
- Depopulation should now never be present in ruins, preventing sacking exploit
- Fixed mega war ending event wrongly triggering when starting a dragon conquest
- Wildling and priate opinion malus is now nullified by the sympathiser traits
- After a successful War for Dawn, higher tier titles held by the white walkers should now be destroyed
- Fixed provinces converting to ruin/winter culture when game rule is enabled
- Awkward portraits should no longer appear on event where you visit a whore in your brothel
- Fixed republic vassal barons of pirates having the wrong succession type
- Fixed event referring to Arabic books
- Fixed problem where you sometimes couldn't buy Unsullied when they became available
- Young eunuchs can no longer develop a lust for girls at parties

Version 1.3
Reapers/Patch 2.6.2:
- Added many mod related game rules, and adapted many vanilla game rules
- Added event giving choice of execution method, replacing reapers automatic choice
- Reduced tax and reinforcement bonus from prosperity
- Added scripted effect to apply Reaper's prosperity effects on startup
- Winter province modifiers can effect prosperity
- Ruins and winter provinces are depopulated
- Localisation of depopulated changed to match their use in ruins and winter provinces
- Expanded one handed duel retraining event
- Revised new nomad agitation: tribal holdings are not usually built, instead unccoupied provinces usually revert to nomads
- Learning skill of recruited physicians lessened to better match recruited maesters. Also lowered learning thresholds in treatment events.
- Added more death reasons and integrated them, and new vanilla ones, into the mod
- Setup some canon epidemics
- Adapted vanilla plague events to The Great Spring Sickness
- Adaped many Reapers event for AGOT
- Updated Reaper's torture decision to have AGOT outcomes and confession ability
- Renamed hospitals to refuges for now, and removed tech related buildings
- Renamed essosi Healer job to Court Physician
- Changed all references in localisation to Court Physician to dynamically use name of the Physician title (i.e. Maester in Westeros)
- Adapted leper related buildings/events to greyscale
- Added new traits to red god healing
- Restricted some decisions whilst in seclusion
- Changed all instances of maimed and illness traits to account for reapers
- Updated duel engine for new Reapers traits
- Dragons and other special characters can no longer be accused of being witches
- Added Winter Fever and Pox as epidemics (overwriting typhoid and smallpox)
- Grey Plague is now much more deadly, and gives scarred by greyscale trait if survived. Characters who have had greyscale/grey plague before are now also immune to both.
- Restricted experimental treatments to serious conditions (no more removal of limbs to cure the flu)
- Made the immortal trait hidden from others
- Made AI come out of seclusion more quickly once epidemics have passed
- Characters in seclusion cannot be sent loan kingsguard. Kingsguard who are sick/disabled will also not be sent
- AI marriage check now checks for odd marriages to nomad characters (In vanilla nomads can now marry anyone regardless of religion)

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Added an alternative branch of events for the valyrian sword quest
- Women with the certain traits can now go on sword quests
- Improved the localisation of the existing valyrian sword quest, also made various other tweaks/improvements
- Added a decision for the player to go on a foreign tour to different continents of varying lenghts or go on a manual tour
- If Aegon loses his dragon mid conquest he can now still choose a capital if at least three kingdoms have been conquered
- Triarchs for Life may now name their heir Co-triarch for Life to ensure continued dynastic succession
- Some provinces now have a chance of becoming ruins after liberation from The White Walkers
- Whilst improving diplomatic relations, the Master of Laws/Justiciar can now try and repair tyranny/dishonour for their liege
- Added a new method to murder someone
- Warlock healing now uses the same system as Rhllor healing. Healing is now also more difficult when dragons aren't around and magic is less powerful.
- Added council voting for many decisions
- Bastards who somehow legitmise their own bastard now start a new cadet dynasty
- Crown laws can now be changed every 20 years
- Adjusted/improved Horse Lords mercenary events (including reduced probability of random eloping)
- Added a handmaiden minor title a male ruler can give to friends/family members of their wife
- Added an event where ironborn can get upset with their liege having the business focus
- Added tooltips to the duel engine making the new rock-paper-scissors effect more clear
- Adjusted become knight ambition and event
- If a non-direct vassal avoids imprisonment, another vassal can now sometimes be sent to enforce justice
- Added options to burn Godswoods and infidel temples to the red priest sacrifice event
- Females with the hunting focus can go hunting
- Wards can now be force trained
- Added 'A Blood Feud Truce' opinion modifier between recently reconciled blood feud houses, which makes the feud restarting more likely
- A marriage may now trigger a blood feud truce
- Landless wealthy nobles may now sometimes offer a daughter for marriage in exchange for a large dowry
- Plot backers may now ask for rewards for services
- A knighthood is now a possible reward for services
- Torturing a prisoner may now sometimes yield a confession
- Made some Tower of Joy fixes/adjustments
- Added an event where a ruler can get cut on the Iron Throne
- Increased magic gain from sacrificing priests to Rhllor
- Added an event for Dany to go to Pentos with Viserys as a child from 8297 onwards
- Added the three different Princes of Lorath
- Enabled regent declare war decision in Conclave
- Added more extinct houses options to the house customiser
- Added Cersei inspired bastard murder event
- Added a House prestige scoreboard decision
- Optimised and improved Harrenhal events. Rebuilding is now triggered by decision
- Added an event where The New Gift can be donated to The Night's Watch
- Auto grant honourary title decision now also appoints commanders and bodyguards

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- Added many Wiki of Ice and Fire character links
- Purged mod of long character ids, hopefully fixing some stability issues
- Added pirates to Dagger Lake
- Added a Valyrian Steel Armour trait for Euron (trait icon by kuczaja from Armours and Weapons submod)
- The Blackfish may now escape from Riverrun if the Tullys lose in AFFC
- Added chain-event for Renly, allowing him to escape from Shadowbaby in Clash of Kings
- Robar Royce and Emmon Cuy are now killed by Loras after Renly is killed
- Brienne now escapes North with Catelyn after Renly is killed
- Altered Jeyne Poole's disguise, also added a decision for Starks to discredit her
- Young Griff is no longer present in Robert's Rebellion
- Reduced quantity of formidable warriors present in Essos at the start of the game
- Harren the Black gets architect trait if WoL enabled
- Added some new canon reapers injuries to database
- Doran Martell has Gout for Reaper's users
- Fixed Stoneheart's courtiers
- Added cruel trait to Rhaenyra
- Updated traits of Daeron the Drunkard, Aliandra Martell, Marence Martell, Rhodry Martell, Lewyn Martell, Elia Martell, Rickard Stark, Steffon Baratheon
- Made Egg friends with Aemon and rivals with Aerion
- Made Brandon Stark and his companions friends
- Mace Tyrell and Paxter Redwyne are now friends
- The Mountain and Sandor are now rivals
- Updated Blackfyre birth dates and traits
- Updated Maron and Mariah Martells birth dates
- Added Maester Myles, Gascoyne of the Greenblood, Garin the orphan, Joss Hood, Garibald Shells, Maester Kedry
- Made Meleys, Sunfyre and Tessarion older
- Donnel Arryn now rules until After the Spring scenario
- Jon Snow now has dark brown Stark hair
- All Blackwoods now follow the Old Gods
- Added Rainbow Guard colour nicknames to all members and made them Renly's bodyguards
- Added organiser trait to Roose Bolton
- Updated history/stats of Symon Santagar/Pyat Pree/Ellaria Sand/Fowler Twins/Ashara Dayne
- Added Maester Toman and Wylla (Jon's wetnurse)
- Fixed Archibald Yronwood's wiki link linking to a Pope
- Added Marla Sunderland's rebellion and update her history
- Moved Reyne rebellion to Ninepenny Kings scenario, also updated Reyne/Tarbeck history
- Updated/fixed darksister holder history
- Added Bennard Brune who killed Harren the Red
- Added Daemon Velaryon, Maegor's Master of Ships
- Added Morgil Hastwyck
- Updated House Paege
- Added nicknames to Walda the Fat and White
- Robar Baratheon is now Lord from Maegor's reign
- Added unnamed Sarsfield squire killed by Arya
- Updated Osha and Hodor's traits/history
- Corrected Daella Targaryen history
- Added disfigured trait to Jacelyn Bywater
- Corrected Daemon Sand's birth date
- Gave Euron some piety so he can launch Ironborn invasions
- Added drunkard trait to Cersei from AFFC
- Added some canon braavosi characters
- Fixed Aegon wrongly holding Blackwater Bay in Bleeding Years
- Added missing base value building to Seal Shore
- Added various flagships mentioned in the books, e.g. King Robert's Hammer, Iron Victory, Silence
- Added a connection between Brienne and Dunk
- Better dna for Mya Stone and Edric Storm
- Made Otto Hightower and Daemon Targaryen rivals
- Corrected Loras' birth date
- Added House Whitehead as Lords of Weeping Town, moved House Horpe to Lockport
- Added a non-canon wife to Robert Reyne so their kids are properly related and not half siblings
- Gave Roger Reyne 100 piety so he can declare war against Tytos
- Changed Margaery Tyrell's birth date to 8283, and added a lroe child event for her in Robert's Rebellion
- Fixed Lyonel Lefford being a women
- Fixed King's Landing history error causing problems in later bookmarks
- Fixed up some dragon history
- Loras now has the vengeance opinion of Stannis and Brienne
- Fixed Nagga the Sea Dragon's death, portrait and made visible as a "child" of The Grey King
- Updated Bellegere Otherys history, now playable in Conquest of Dorne bookmark
- Added Braavosi bankers Noho Dimitis, Tycho Nestoris
- Added Aethon Velaryon and Salassor Saan
- Updated Red Priest Benerro and Moqorro history
- Added Aurion, historic Emperor of Valyria
- Added Allard Seaworth's braavosi lover
- Added trade war betwen Tyrosh and Myr in 8276
- Added Syrio Antaryon, son of Braavosi Sealord betrothed to Laena Velaryon
- Updated Greyjoy book era family, including details from new WoW sample
- Theon is now crippled in AFFC
- Updated traits of Craghas Crabfeeder
- Updated Alequo Goldentongue's history
- Added Racallio Ryndoon as a Pirate King of The Stepstones
- Correct Three Daughters downfall to 8131, also added war for this
- Andalos is now sworn to Pentos
- Karyl Vance is now sided with Lannisters in AFFC scenario
- Cleos Frey is now prisoner after Whispering Wood
- Changed Lord Andros Brax death date, so he is now alive before Whispering Wood
- Arbor is now neutral beetween Renly's crowning and his death
- Florents are now sided with Renly before his death
- If Renly chooses to help Stannis in parley at Storms End, after war realm changes to agnatic as Stannis promised
- If Stannis chooses to help Renly in parley at Storms End, after war he is named Lord Paramount of Stormlands
- Fixed day of Mace Tyrell joining to fight against Brotherhood Without Banners so Rose and Lion event can launch
- Made some title history fixes
- Added wildling sympathiser trait to Jon
- Added dna for the head white walker
- Gave Tommen a pet cat Ser Pounce for Reaper's owners
- Fixed Nagga parent link
- Adjusted Dorne vassals setup
- Other misc character updates

- Characters can now only catch gonorrhoea if lustful or have the seduction focus (except if a lover or spouse has the disease)
- Pirates will now have a difficulty kidnapping certain characters
- Added ai aggression modifiers to some ambitions
- Made some opinion modifiers related to law changes non-stacking
- Made AI going into hiding less likely
- Reduced chance of divine blood AI incest marriages
- Certain characters will no longer legitmise bastards of older siblings
- Improved empire AI vassal limit maintenance event
- Adjusted wildling/pirate weak heir realm break up events (pirates will sometimes not lose non-pirate vassals)
- Nationalist rebels will no longer appear against pirates in The Stepstones or Basilisk Isles
- Characters on foreign tour will no longer try to marry into pirate realms
- Any character imprisoned as result of defeat in war is no longer considered to be captured in battle, and so can be called for trial if else eligible
- Field of Fire decision mountain/desert terrain prohibition now applies anywhere on the map, not just Dorne
- Ironborn are now less likely to take business focus
- Can no longer invite people to court who have been recently promoted to a higher liege
- AI may now sometimes renounce piracy in certain circumstances
- A Dayne may now be able to claim Dawn if the house has converted away from The Seven
- Finding darksister beyond the wall is now much rarer
- Reduced chance of gaining lovers pox
- Nomad faction AI is no longer really docile
- Lovers in line to inherit or related to their liege can no longer be taken as concubines
- Lord Commander of the Kingsguard will no longer ask the king for payment to educate somebody
- Only loyal Drowned God vassals are now needed to launch Ironborn Invasions
- Added 15 year cooldown for re-legalising slavery after an emancipation war
- Children under house arrest can now receive childhood events
- AI may now try to imprison plotters who fail and are discovered
- Larger settlements are now more difficult to convert
- Added a minimum maester training time
- AI slavers should no longer slave raid their own allies
- Revised childhood religion/culture conversion in Conclave
- Regents can no longer be loyalists or malcontents
- Added minimum combat rating requirements for bodyguards (4 for non-relatives, 6 for relatives)
- Overthrow Monarchy faction ultimatum can now only be issued to non-independent rulers if crown authority is less than medium
- Revised faction ultimatum AI
- Rulers are now more likely to legitimise bastards if they go on to marry the mother
- Slightly reduced how much the AI values prestige when evaluating marriages
- Merged divine blood marriage AI event with 'courtier gets married' maintenance event to make one event which manages AI marriages, making sure they eventually marry
- Nationalist rebels will now only appear in Volantene provinces with Valyrian lieges if revolt risk is 10 or greater
- Added opinion modifiers to Red Priest healing
- When a War for Dawn is lost the White Walkers now take all occupied holdings
- A pirate defeated in an anti-piracy war will be unable to crown themselves pirate king for 5 years
- With the Conclave DLC, selecting the lowest cost for unrelated, unlanded courtiers now costs 0
- The anti-nomad CB can now be used against Dothraki/Jogos Nhai who have united all tribes
- Restore Nightswatch CB can now be used against indepedent low rank wildlings on The Wall
- Increased White Walkers Starting troops
- Valyrians will no longer legalise slavery in Westeros, unless they are lunatics
- Reduced prestige loss for yielding in a friendly duel
- When a consort/concubine cheats on her man, apprpriate opinion penalties are now added
- Reduced chance of buildings being destroyed in a siege
- Added more AI logic restrictions to landless adventurers
- Adjusted yield outcomes in friendly duels
- Resurrected characters are now more resistant to old age afflictions like infirm and blindness
- Characters now less likely to join the Warrior's Sons
- Made infertility slightly more common
- Neutral lords who press a claim against their liege during a mega war are now imprisoned if they lose
- Characters with low piety can now legitimise characters if their priest likes them
- Events to improve education level whilst on the council made more common
- Made random White Walker duel encounters less likely

Graphics and portraits:
- Naathi now use new East African portraits (also used for Summer Islanders/Sothoryi if West African portraits DLC is inactive)
- Asshai characters use new masks
- Replaced old eye patch injury graphics with the new
- New Coats of Arms for North and Crownlands
- New Dornish coats of arms, with round shield
- Added pre-conquest Toland CoA
- Added improved White Walker portraits from Congenital Overhaul by LancelotLoire
- Removed the low quality Ghiscari headgear and replaced it with the Dornish headgear
- Fixed Baelish coa change
- Changed flag of Lordship of Duskendale so it matches the High Lordship
- Updated Jogos child portraits to be the updated mongol ones
- Changed Bloody Gate flag
- Added improved volantis event picture
- Bearded Priests now have beards.
- Norvosi characters can no longer have beards, and mostly have mustachios

- Fixed forest road/bajys valyrian road mixup
- Reorganised the Qarth dejure setup, so that moraqi nationalists cannot take over the qartheen duke title
- Moved Temple of the lord of light to its correct position on the east bank of the Rhoyne
- Moved location of Darry and gave it its own High Lordship
- Moved location of Dunstonbury/New Barrel to border The Mander
- Renamed Peakes's thrid castle Whitegrove
- Added missing base value castle to Kanet
- Removed The Thousand Islands as an active realm. Added a natives related event in its place
- Move Kingsgrave into the Prince's Pass
- Corrected Silverhill's name
- Added godswood buildings to many provinces
- Sept in Kings Landing is now known as Sept of Remembrance post conquest
- The Gates of the Moon are now a military command
- Swapped the position of Barrowtown and Spearmouth
- Renamed Lord Paramount of Riverlands to be Lord Paramount of The Trident
- Raindwood is made part of Dragonstone when Davos or his children hold it to stop Renly being a dick and declaring war for it
- Added a temple holding to The Fist of the First men
- Lorathi peninsula is now a forest
- Added Sweetport Sound as an island west off Massey's Hook
- Moved The Cape of Eagles to dejure Seagard
- Renamed some generic free city province names to more interesting names
- Added missing barony entries in Jhogwin
- Corrected some Dothraki port positions

- Added the Weeping Lady as a religion in Lys
- Added healers back to the Jogos Nhai
- Utilised the new is_incapable trigger
- Optimised Hedge Knight events
- Optimised pirate events
- Optimised some 'Sons of Abraham' events
- Optimised maester events. Portrait of employed maesters now also appears on arrival event
- Optimised kingsguard maintenance
- Optimised handmaiden events
- Removed the cold_winds_rising flag, merged its effect with cold_winds flag
- Mother Rhoyne religion now allows river movement
- Added new pre-triggers to many events/decisions
- Assasins tax and dragon strength calculations now use export_to_variable effect
- Used the new (?) set_truce command in 'command to stand down' events
- Added is_crippled_trigger and add_crippled_trait_effect
- Made traits without an icon into hidden traits
- Player characters with multiple provinces may now get season modifiers added/removed in bulk to reduce event spam
- Only courtiers in active player regions will usually now get married/acquire lovers (to reduce world population/optimisation)
- AI will now sell useless slaves (to reduce slave population)
- Optimised some casus bellis
- Optimised Royal Privilege modifier
- Converted most triggered modifiers into scripted event modifiers for optimisation
- Replaced many only_rulers = yes pre-trigger with the more optimal only_playable = yes
- Swords and eggs of unlanded characters should now be inherited by their oldest child when the owner dies
- Updated Dawn's description
- Made the titular kingdom creation tooltip clearer
- Prohibited some locations from being in contextual battle/siege nicknames
- Removed all instances of add_betrothal command, which I suspect may cause CTDs
- Adjusted wildfire outbreak events
- Added a is_weak_khal_trigger = yes scripted trigger
- Adjusted propose foreign tour AI and events
- Revised regent liege murder event chain
- Regents are no longer removed in the post mega war council re-shuffle
- Adjusted/fixed up the decisions to request aid against the White Walkers
- Characters in need of a regent themselves can no longer be Lord Protector in an interregnum
- Capturing prisoners in a siege should now always happen against vengeance or blood feud targets
- Added a tooltip to the mega war events
- Rulers with no crown law title can now slave raid if slavery is legal in their top liege's realm
- Renamed "Slave" to be "Enslaved" to slaves can be distinguished more easily from former slaves, slave traders and slave owners
- Added is_voter condition to all scripts that use is_councillor (they are not considered the same in conclave for some reason)
- Added sympathy traits for all religion groups
- Added a has_sympathy_trait_trigger scripted trigger
- Added custom localisation entry returning a ruler's regnal ordinal number
- Changed pirate government colour
- Made 'Seize Trade Post' plot requirement tooltip clearer
- Merged most Far East religions into one religion group
- Added latest Spanish localisation
- Added custom localisations returning the name of a character's owned valyrian steel sword
- Junior Triarchs will now usually be regents for the senior Triarch if needed
- Added a gain_regency_effect scripted effect
- Females can now be Court Physician
- Made some improvements to life at court events
- Hired Maesters can no longer be pirates

- Made lots of validator fixes
- Fixed bug where junior Triarchs couldn't plot to get a council position
- Fixed bug where the slaves gained on a raid would always be the same stats/age etc
- Hyrkooni gelding mechanics now take the brawny trait into account
- Fixed problem with women having bastards by unknown fathers (e.g. centaur event)
- Fixed problem where Dirk would get a game over in AFFC
- Fixed Faith Militant Uprising from 8045
- Aegons Conquest events should no longer happen for someone else who happens to form Westeros/New Valyria during the conquest
- Friends who are at war will no longer offer each other wards
- Fixed all instances of 'should of' in the loc files
- Adventurers should now always be able to lead troops
- Fixed bug where Maesters with existing parents would have a new father scripted to avoid culling
- Fixed bug where tyranny/dishonour added in the database to historical characters did not decay
- Fixed Rogue prince event where Viserys gave coin to the wrong brother
- Fixed Aegon bleeding years choice event triggering even if Volantis war had ended
- Fixed bodyguard title not being removed when a character is made into kings guard
- Fixed problem where regency wars would sometimes not trigger correctly
- It is no longer possible to hire the golden company if they are supporting an invasion of Westeros
- Faction coercion now works for loyalist factions
- Fixed bug where succession law would be incorrect after forming the kingdom of westeros
- Fixed elope disinherit event referring to wrong character
- Fixed problem where crownland vassals taken after usupring the iron throne would revert to wrong liege after wars are done
- Fixed problem where mega war events would trigger if merely allied with a foreign ruler in a war
- Fixed conclave event referring to the emperors of rome
- Inviting nightswatch, kingsguard and other special characters to court is no longer possible
- Fixed up red priest reveal plots decision (hopefully for good)
- Fixed bug where vassals would gain an opinion malus with liege if they failed in a raid
- Fixed Dosh Khaleen holder being removed on the start of the game
- Fixed problem where revealed murders were recorded as 'died under suspicious cirucmstances'
- Fixed bug where if baron tier patricians colonised a ruin they would become independent
- Cripples and incapables should now never win duels
- Any beyond the wall provinces somehow gained by the Nights Watch now always revert back to wildlings rather than relatives
- Fixed bug where Blackfyre Rebellion would not resolve correctly on a Targaryen victory
- Relatives of Lord Protectors will no longer gain prince titles
- Fixed bug where AI lords over the vassal limit would wrongly lose titles when changing their westerosi kingdom tier
- Resurrection now removes the correct amount of stored rhllor magic
- Anti-Piracy CB now properly shatters enemy pirate realms
- Prisoners can no longer form pirate kingdoms
- Fixed funeral text not matching the religion of the deceased
- Fixed council advisor reassignment post mega war
- Fixed mega war bug where all vassals of a rebel leader may sometimes of all gone independent
- When the Nightswatch is restored, the Nights Watch should no longer retain any wildling vassals
- Dothraki can no longer ask themselves to be Bloodriders
- Fixed CTD caused by Dosh Khaleen holding titles leading to nomads declaring war on them. (Added mainetnance to remove titles)
- Fixed a case of mega war event looping
- Fixed vassal Princes of Yi Ti not having Royal Privileges
- Fixed up forming Crownlands conditions
- Littlefinger should now remain guardian of Robert when he gains The Riverlands in AFFC
- Enemy war leaders should now always be captured when successfully sieging down their location
- Characters on quests overseas can no longer ask for titles and are prohibited from using certain plots
- Fixed bug where the White Walker invasions were not triggering correctly
- The character elected leader of the Dosh Khaleen is now always of the Dothraki religion
- WoL trade event will no longer allow Night's Watch to be a possible target
- Fixed High Sparrow nickname getting reset as he was missing nickname_event flag
- Fixed CTD which was caused by Edmure dying in AFFC
- Organise raid job action can no longer be used if raiding is not actually allowed
- Fixed incorrect magic reductions when healing non-believers with rhllor magic
- Fixed bug where player could enslave natives in any colony no matter the owner
- Fixed bug where you could try and seduce dead people
- Fixed bug with siege event where you are prompted to release prisoners in your own prison
- Properly fixed enemy relative in court event so it doesnt target related half siblings of the enemy
- First night babies should now get bastard nicknames
- Characters captured in battle by a bodyguard are now properly imprisoned
- Coalition calls to arms now restricted for small lords during Aegon's Conquest
- Fixed Crownlands formation in the Conquest when selecting Oldtown/Harrenhal as capital
- Fixed decay of Tyranical/Dynastic stain
- Added Syrio Antaryon, son of Braavosi Sealord betrothed to Laena Velaryon
- Updated Greyjoy book era family, including details from new WoW sample
- Theon is now crippled in AFFC
- Updated traits of Craghas Crabfeeder
- Updated Alequo Goldentongue's history
- Added Racallio Ryndoon as a Pirate King of The Stepstones
- Correct Three Daughters downfall to 8131, also added war for this
- Andalos is now sworn to Pentos
- Fixed missing Dragonstone shipyard
- Fixed Harrenhal ruins
- Fixed bug where salves would sometimes leave court when they were stopped from breeding
- Fixed rhllor magic addition sometimes stopping events
- The custom coin flip dynasty now has proper divine blood
- The custom coin flip dynasty changes any ruler designer generated spouses to be siblings of the character via a common mother and the children are given the abomination of incest modifier
- Fixed problem when legitmising a bastard where the bastard's children would not change dynasty
- Can no longer befriend dragons via sympathy for their religion
- Slave maintenance now properly deals with slaves that end up being owned by ruins or white walkers
- Prisoners can no longer oversee trials
- Imprisoned Triarchs can no longer vote on declarations of war
- Fixed gender law change post Dance of the Dragons
- Fixed Alequo Silvertongue setup in Ninepenny Kings scenario
- Fixed council loyalists voting against certain actions
- Kings Landing shipyards can no longer be directly built before expand navy decisions has been complete
- Fixed missing ships in Dragonstone
- Aegon can now use Maesters during the conquest
- Fixed problem with ruins of Ny Sar, Oldstones and Summerhall being given to canon characters by the game engine, and then causing issues when they are turned into ruins
- Vale words event can now only happen when actually located in The Vale
- Fixed bug where if a colony was made a ruin in a siege, the sieger would get over 9000 gold
- When a province turns into a ruin, all buildings, forts and hospitals are now destroyed

Version 1.2


Events, jobs, plots and decisions:

- Re-enabled some lovers event disabled by Way of Life DLC, including event where lovers may get married

- When sending a relative on a foreign tour you can now instruct them to find a foreign marriage alliance

- Custom made high valyrians can make their dynasty subject to the coin flip events

- Slave children can now been force trained

- Added back in shrewd and dull as traits gainable in conclave education

- Any ruler can now call for aid against foreign powers using some sort of invasion casus belli

- Absorption of nomadic clans can now be voted on by the council

- Added a decision to build a flagship, with associated events

- Added a decision to enslave the natives of a colony

- Added events that inform the player when one of their relations is either blinded, castrated, tortured, forced married or kidnapped

- Added a special event for the Thenn in AFFC

- Can now hold a funeral for a friend

- Bodyguards can now rescue captives Barristan style

- Added in the vanilla introdue heir decision, amibition and events

- Added a child has teenage infatuation with vassal child to introdue heir events

- Ironborn salt children now start a new cadet dynasty when they marry

- Characters can now petition for legal redress from their liege at a feast

- Added another feast event

- Added Godswood buildings to Old Gods and Wildling Gods Group temple baronies, they grow over time and give prestige + piety to liege

- Added an event where a black brother or wildling can find dark sister beyond the wall after Bloodraven dies

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):

- Added 1st place AAR winner characters and sword

- Lady Stoneheart is no longer related Tullys/Starks, to stop inheritance weirdness

- Gave Stannis, Beric and Lady Stoneheart some starting sacrifices

- If Bran is found when missing, Meera and Jojen are now also found. Meera and Jojen will now also automatically come home after 10 years as a failsafe.

- Added all historical triarchs of Volantis

- Updated Balman Byrch and Harys Swyft's traits

- Updated Rogare family of Dance period, also gave them silver hair

- Added Walter Wyl

- Catelyn now starts Roberts Rebellion pregnant

- Made Arys Oakheart younger

- Added blind trait to Blind Ben Beesbury

- Removed celibate trait from Lysa Tully

- Updated House Mertyns from Winds of Winter sample

- Updated Martell book-era family

- Added Theodan Wells as Commander of Warrior's Sons in AFFC

- Corrected Gardeners called Mervyn to Meryn

- Added another Lord Tully so 5 reign during life of Walder Frey

- Boosted Vale lords opinion of Robert Arryn

- Boosted Aegon's starting wealth for The Conquest

- Other misc character updates


- Increased enforced truce time after standing down from 3 to 5 years

- Adjusted become Great Khal decision conditions

- Added a 4 year cooldown for Red Death disease outbreaks

- Adjusted claimant faction Ai to make it more aggressive in certain situations

- Made claimant adventurers slightly more likely

- Added a 5 year cooldown on the Blackfyre invasions

- Characters will no longer reject a position on the kingsguard without a good reason

- Tweaked Elective faction AI

- Characters will now go event reaving less often

- When renouncing piracy some buildings are now added to compensate for loss of pirate shipyards

- Slightly reduced prestige loss from losing a tourney joust

- Redcued health effects of gonorrhea

- Characters traditionally opposed to slavery will now not use slave raids unless they are arbitrary/ruthless etc. There are now also opinion penalties for doing so.

- Building King's Landing upgrades should now not usually take too long

- Tyranny is no longer incurred for refusing title grants to bastards

- Reduced time it takes to find Rickon in AFFC a little

- Dishonour/tyranny is no longer inherited by heirs who are not children of the old ruler if they have already inherited tyranny/dishonour in the past

- Revised AI logic for Conclave obligation laws

- Dothraki will now consider using raid CB more often

- Characters that win a trial by court/combat now enjoy one years diplomatic immunity

- Revised event reaving outcome probability

- Rebalanced R'hllor magic:

- Emperor and King sacrifice values the same, Dukes worth 1, Counts worth 0.5, everyone else worth 0.1

- Amount of sacrifices needed to resurrect is now 10

- Basic heal is still 1

- Chosen heal is 2

- Reveal plots is 0.5

Graphics and portraits:

- Added some more dragon portraits by LancelotLoire

- Added new CoA graphics for valyrian/rhllor characters by Choccy

- Corrected House Lorch coa

- Added better coas for Targ cadets by isa0005

- Fixed up the Ghiscari headgear


- Removed Blackmont from dejure Torrentine

- Renamed High Lordship of Vaith to Godsgrace

- Fixed rogue island near omber

- Added missing Stygai barony

- Changed The Stepstones title colours to more visible shades of blue

- The spare barony slot in Asshai is now buildable


- Big French translation update

- Added base value buildings for Asshai which don't have any cavalry

- Added an AI maintenance event for Emperors over the vassal limit. This makes the Ai grant vassal kingdoms if possible.

- Added maintenance event that ensures vassal kingdom crown laws match those of their liege empire

- Added is_coin_flip_dynasty_trigger which includes the Targs and all their cadets as well as custom coin flip houses

- Added some more Dornish names

- Added more Ghiscari names

- Nightswatch deserters should now always be disinherited

- Salt children now have the bastard trait, to stop their line inheriting

- Added a maester_culture_trigger trigger

- Added a Pirate version of Wildling Warlord called Pirate Captain

- Added new childhood traits to force train decision calculation

- Optimised republic trade events

- Essos group religions now accept marriage with Valyrian religion

- Children by Eastern Valyrian concubines are now considered bastards

- Eastern Valyrians are now much less likely to legitmise non valyrian bastards, and less likely to elope with foreigners

- When agreeing to a depose liege ultimatum swords are now inherited


- Made some validator fixes

- Added a temporary workaround for Targaryens not marrying (now made to marry via event)

- Fixed Gay Marriages of AI male lords, ironically caused by scripts trying to improve marriage AI

- Made the conditions for Triarchy government a bit more restrictive

- Fixed problem in triarchies where it would be impossible to declare war if there were for some reason no junior Triarchs

- Fixed dragon_intel_summerhal typo in dragon_events

- Fixed huge giant doomstacks that could form from giant encounter event

- Fixed problem where a colony on nomad lands would not be properly destroyed if sacked

- Fixed problem where successful wildling revolts changed the culture of the target province

- Added fix for maesters being heirs to Septrys under minimum faith authority

- Adjusted education cost choice event, it now triggers a few days after education focus has been selected

- Fixed a recurring CTD related to Horse lords event

- Removed ai_rationality modifier from character modifiers as they do not work and show up bugged

- Missing characters are now prevented from marrying

- Fixed Red Priest/Dragon Dreams reveal plots decision

- Made some fixes to Quentyn/Hizdahr-Dany events

- Fixed rare case of never ending interregnum

- Special execution traits are removed when resurrected by rhllor

- Fixed problem where king vassals are sometimes not split on the start of a war

- Corrected Aegon's succession laws at the start of The Conquest

- Fixed problem where player councillor could see result of a vote on commands to end wars before actually voting

- Fixed problem with dynamic CoAs when starting a new game in the same session

- Enslaved/captured courtesans now lose the courtesan trait

- Stannis will no longer get events to punish Edric Storm because he is at war with Joffrey

- Can no longer gain a favour on yourself for training your own commanders

- Fixed problem with fabricate claim event when targetting a kingdom title

- Fixed slave lashing event

- Fixed problem where selling slave camps would sometimes not work

- Child traits should no longer persist in adulthood

- Wildlings can no longer create a custom kingdom beyond the wall

- Fixed bug where sometimes a game over would result from renouncing piracy

- Fixed problem where The Blackfyres would invade even if an invasion was already in progress

- Added workaround for using Faceless Men when it sometimes ends up with no holder

- All unique/special buildings are now rebuildable if they are somehow destroyed

- Fixed wives and consorts not being removed when enslaving a prisoner

- Giving a bastard a special cadet dynasty no longer legitimises them, to avoid inheritance problems

- Fixed problems associated with stealing a slave as a concubine

- Fixed break up with lover decision

- Fixed problem with quest where if you killed Fashbinder in a friendly duel the quest would break

- Fixed Viper's Nest being independent in later scenarios

- Fixed Northman beards

- Fixed bug with interregnum Great Councils where they would sometimes cause a CTD if the winner ended up with no demesne

- Corrected Mongol_Port.xac casing that was causing CTDs on Linux

- Being in prison no longer aborts a focus

- Great Councils now effect the succession of all titles with primogeniture, not just the primary

- If a concubine evades imprisonment or is exiled their concubine status is now removed

- Characters on reaving can no longer be councillors

- Merchant republic leaders can no longer sieze vassal trade posts whilst imprisoned

- Fixed Crownland issues in The Conquest. Crownlands now forms dejure before as before, except flipping back at the end if the kingdom wasn't conquered.

- Fixed problem where choosing to take the republic after deposing its leader would cause a game over

Cabezaestufa: Founder/Map creator, General Coding Support, Events, DNA, Balancing, Bugfixing, North Content, Misc. Graphics, Team Management.

Knuckey: Project Leader, Scripting, History Work, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, "Megawars"

Scripting & Coding:
Galle: Events, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, DND, Localisation, Fighting Traits and the Duel Engine, New Plots, AI Work, Nightswatch/wildlings content
Sunspear: Coding, Events, Riverland Content, Bugfixing, Positioning Tool, Balancing, misc. Graphics, Personal Interaction, Faceless Men, Dragons.
Ogaburan (Ran Miller): Events, Westerland & Frey, Minor Families Filler, DNA, New Education System, Kingsguard, Knights, Bugfixing, Balancing, Misc. Graphics.
Fashbinder: Event scripting/balance, Trial by court, Nightswatch/wildlings content, Harrenhal restoration, R'hllor Magic, Reforged Swords, VSS Quest.
Toccs: Essos work, General Coding Support, DNA, Many History Updates/Improvements, Far East map creator, White Walkers.
blackninja9939: Event Scripting, Legitimise Cadets, Make a Noble, General Coding, Bugfixing, Forresters, Conquest of Dorne Events.
Rodri: Event, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, Dynasty tracing, Trial by Combat, Hereditary Valyrian Swords, New Ambitions.
Zarine: General Coding Support, New Battle System, Translations, Bugfixing.
Stiener (DanJonMin): CoA placeholders, Events, Iron Islands content, Localization, Misc. Graphics.
Wolfgang Pauli: Maintenance Events, Rescue CB, Testing, CoA Graphics.
Etel: Grell-conversion Work.
black_imperator: Events.
Riso: Merged features from mods like CK2+ and Better Rebels, Misc. Coding.
HuskyWolf: Scripted a bit and added some traits.
Waylit: Special siege events mod.
Comradebot: Farwynd skinchanger events, Ironborn event ideas
Tompalmer : Event scripting.
StoneTheCrow/Tycho: Valyrian Swords, history improvements, bug fixes.
Jenks: Event scripting

Edric_Storm: Dynasty CoA Artist, Dynamic CoA Generator Graphics (higher res, new designs), New CoA Templates (fabric banner and hide versions).
the_hdk: Crownlands initial Content, Dynasty CoA Artist, Title Flags, New CoA Template (leather version), New Skinchanger trait icons and misc icons.
Rabid Bogling: Dynasty CoA and Title flags Artist. Qartheen Portraits. Dynamic CoA Overhaul.
StGeorge: Icons & Loading Screens.
talias: Trait icons, Titular Kingdoms
Peuri: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design).
dauncosony: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design).
Velho e Bom Joe: City models and textures.
Amok: Much of his artwork used for event pictures: http://en.amokanet.ru/gallery
Starkweather: Valyrian children portraits, Titular Kingdoms
Jorian Drake: Dynasty CoA and title flags artist.
kuczaja: Qarth flags.
DarkReborn: Ghiscari portraits, Religion Icons
revisionist: Ghiscari Dynamic CoA.
hibludij: High Valyrian clothes
tem: Basilisk Island, Sothoryos flags, Lhazar flags
Midnighty: Summer Islands flags
Mavrosh: Map textures (lava, black rock and red earth): http://mavrosh-stock.deviantart.com
Arko: Interface improvements
Choccy: Valyrian/Rhllor CoA
foxwillow: Dynasty CoA Artist
LancelotLoire: White Walker portraits
Misc CoAs/Graphics: HMAS-Nameless, Molleby, Smoesville, Micxzu, Pageman, Myrik_Justiciar, deloswerty, azaghal, Vystas

Chrisjm89: Historical character histories.
Hobbes MkII: Historical character histories
Cidellus: Historical character histories
Tompalmer: Historical corrections and community management.
Initial Content: ThePiglet, Hroppa, AlecTrevelyan006, Helios Ra, Jazthesentinel, Maginor
Wiki Links: Rhoedon, ThatOtherGuy642, wuschbaam, lesh

Clash of Kings Scenario:
Tompalmer: Scenario Design Lead
Mug bubule: Scenario Design
Nacodaco: Scenario Design, Scenario Histories
Knuckey: Scenario Scripting
Hobbes MkII: Scenario Histories
C_moore: Scenario Histories
HuskyWolf: Scenario Histories and poor grammar

Original Music :
Aurélien Benharrats ( http://www.aurelien-b.fr/)

Translations & Localization:
Werther (French Lead)
French: R.Graymarch, Ysalaine, Merela, Ereksen, Sand, Yunyuns, Quentyn Tully, Lestival, tompalmer, Stannis, Lord Riusma
Dany Quest: Loafcake, jimthepocket, MBjarno, blackninja9939, JON SNOWSTARK, EDAP, KnightKing
Spanish: Osuna, Darkhorse27, Bysne, DiTo/DiToMz, Juanen
German: Loomis
Sparqman, pulcherada, SinStar87, fastrike
Eras Biographies: Vystas, Fegelein, jankmaster98, Wilsonator, BFKelleher, 'Legitimized Jon Snow', Patency, Hawke, 'Shoshon The Elegant', TMSaxon, SerJaecerysStorm, MBjarno, Rubidium, Lingvort, pottman
Special thanks for french proofreading: Merela, Graymarch, Sand, Hawkin, Pandémie, Suwan

'Dom (JonSnoooow)' Saint_Esteban 'Ser Ham'
Smoesville Karuga ItsAtrap
Dingo lychnidos Kingsgrave
DadeRoyal 'Benjen Coldwater' daddytorgo
philosophert nudu Greatjon
Zirael Narf GoogleSearch
xoatl 'Daemon Blackfyre' EDAP
SerBrightflame SinStar87 hjkh123
fastrike Soulbourne Slavicist

Special Thanks To:
Grell74 for his original Crusader Kings mod, from which we took many things (spoiler warning)
Culturally Different Cities for our city graphics.
Friends & Foes for trait ideas & iconography templates
The Prince and the Thane for some of our ambitions
Alphanos's shortcuts mod
Dungeons and Sieges mod
Lupus Agnum mod
NB+/New Borders mod
Elder Kings mod
Ransom all minimod
fantasynamegenerators.com for various names
Captain Gars and Divine, Paradox User mod Coordinators
La Garde de Nuite for help with the French translation.
Westeros.org for all it's information and resources, including many CoA graphics
Paradox Interactive for their great game
George R. R. Martin for his awesome books





Закончив переход на новые форумы, я подумал, что было бы неплохо выпустить дневник разработчиков. В настоящий момент у нас много интересных вещей в разработках, поэтому кратко рассмотрим некоторые из них.

Посредством серии сабмодов (аналогичных Century of Blood) мод AGOT значительно расширит временные рамки стартовых дат. Теперь можно будет играть за мелкий королей Первых Людей, Андалов Эссоса и за Валирию до Рока.



Каждый из сабмодов охватывает примерно 300-летний период времени, в которых происходят многие каноничные события, всё тщательно соотнесено с главами Истории Мира, чтобы представить достаточно точную хронологию истории Планетоса. Все события и даты согласованы между сабмодами и основным модом. Если вы посмотрите, к примеру Теона Старка в древе династии основного мода, то найдёте те же самые даты в сабмодах.
Итак, вот предварительный просмотр некоторых вещей.



Вторжение Андалов


Время, когда в Вестеросе преобладали королевства Первых Людей, а Андалы все еще правили в Эссосе. Охватывает события с Очищения Лората в 6478 году и до андальского вторжения в Вестерос. Добавлено несколько новых закладок, которые включают в себя много известных каноничных личностей. В это время провинции на восточном побережье Вестероса будут страдать от заморских андальских захватчиков.







Ройнарские Войны


Происходит через некоторое время после того, как Андалы покорили Вестерос, этот сабмод фокусируется на серии войн между ройнарами и валирийцами, которые приведут к возможному прибытию Нимерии в Дорн. Временной отрезок включает дерзкую войну Гарина Великого против Валирии и, конечно же, Нимерию и завоевание Морса Мартелла мелких королей Дорна.






Валирийские механики


Валирийский Фригольд работает совершенно иначе по сравнению с прочими торговыми республиками. Я оставлю его описание Knuckey, который расскажет больше о механиках в поздних дневниках, но дам некоторые намёки.


Драконы, очевидно, важная часть Валирии, и с ними связаны события определенного рода. Правители (и персонажи с достаточно высоким военным навыком) Высшей Валирийской культуры получают событие при запуске, которое дает им дракона и меч из валирийской стали. Будучи Драконьими всадниками, они могут принимать участие в жизни Фригольда, например такое как возможность быть назначенным Архонтом завоеванной провинции. Провинции в Валирии также имеют шанс случайного нереста драконов, подобно провинциям Края Теней.


Вольные города являются данниками Валирии и таким образом эффективно самоуправляются, а титулы, которые находятся в прямом подчинении Валирии, такие как Гискарские города, управляются Драконьими лордами-Архонтами, назначаемыми из Валирии.





Важные ссылки:


Что вас ждёт?

В игре нас поджидает Мир Мартина, с его Королями, лордами, рыцарями, одичалыми и пр. Интереснейшие сценарии, начиная от Завоевания Эйгона, заканчивая Пиром для Воронов. Невероятное количество ивентов по ПЛИО (на любой вкус и цвет, для любой религии и местности).

Хотите грабить, насиловать и убивать как тружелезорожденный? Вперед и с песней, но не забудьте захватить побольше рабов! Побеждать на турнирах? Легко (но для начала нужно пройти тяжелые будни оруженосца и научится обращаться с оружием). Добыть для своего Дома клинок из валирийской стали? Желаете варговать и зеленоглазить? Старые боги уже заждались. Как насчет того, чтобы возглавить одичалых и вторгнуться в Вестерос или аполитично служить в НД, в то время как ваших родственников рубят и вешают? Отлично. Полетать на драконе, сжечь крепость, скормить неугодного знаменосца своей рептилии? Что может быть приятнее. В игре престолов ты либо побеждаешь, либо погибаешь.



Всё, что не связано с непосредственно модом, но касается вселенной ПЛиО, обсуждается в этом разделе!



Обсуждение и поиск решения технических проблем - в специальной теме. Посты об ошибках, вылетах и пр. в основной теме мода будут расцениваться как оффтоп и переноситься сюда.




Инструкция по установке мода версии 1.6:


1) Ставим игру версии 2.8.1 (если нужно, активируем и чистим кэш);

2) Устанавливаем мод версии 1.6 (по умолчанию - в Мои Документы). Если у вас была установлена старая версия мода - предварительно удалите ее вместе с кэшем (целиком, оставляем только settings и сохранения);

3) По желанию качаем русификатор для соответствующей версии мода и шрифты оттуда же (на свой страх и риск: скопировать русскую локализации ваниллы в папку игры (с модом может быть совместима лишь лайт-версия русификатора ванилы), заменяя оригинал - предварительно делаем бэкап);

4) Пытаемся запустить все это. (Если не запускается, то отключаем все DLC, кроме Legacy of Rome, The Republics, Sword of Islam, The Sons of Abraham, The Old Gods, African Portraits, Ruler Designer, Rajas of India, Way of LifeHorse LordsConclaveThe Reaper’s Due, Monks and Mystics). Не стоит забывать, что некоторые сабмоды требуют подключения и других DLC.



Novus Graphicus mod for AGOT mod v0.8

Valyrian magic & mod question ( и русик к сабмоду немного уличной магии.

Armours and Weapons[sUBMOD] (мод 0.5.1) и русик версии 0.3 различное оружие и доспехи для ролеплею.

Reaving and raiding expanded (мод 0.5) и русик версии 0.1 для любителей грабежа и разбоев.

Bloodlines v3 мод версии 0.9 с новыми трейтами и событиями для рулевых династий Вэстэроса

More Decisions больше решений в меню интриг.

Congenital Traits - больше трейтов и валирийских мечей.

Got More Houses - большой выбор Домов в редакторе персонажа.

Republic (Essos) Retinues - для любителей юзать свиту.

AGOT Retinues 2.5 под версию мода 0.7.1 - создание гвардий для всех, в зависимоти от культуры, вида правления и религии меняются и виды гвардий.

Religion Tweaks - убирает негативное отношение между последователями Семибожия и Старых Богов.

Give_Minors_Titles_For_A_Game_of_ThronesRus - Минимод для быстрой раздачи титулов

AGOT retinates 2.5 Рус. Beta

Westeros Only for 0.7.2

[sub-Mod] Westeros Only для 0.8

Westeros Only для 0.9

Vassalize Mercs Mod - минимод, позволяющий вассализировать наемников.

Valyrian Magic 0.7.2

Valyrian Magic v0.7 для 0.7.2

Congenital Overhaul для 0.9

Сабмод для мультиплеера (версия мода 0.9, ваниллы 2.2.1)

AGOT Tweaks Submod V1.7 (мод 0.9) - Новые евенты, небольшие правки трейтов и персонажей.

Winds of Winter 0.1.1 - сабмод-сейв для любителей теорий (Джон Таргариен, Тирион Златопламенный, Эйгон Бллекфайр).

Custom graphics – меняет интерфейс













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Игра престолов

Глобальный мод для Crusader Kings 2

Добро пожаловать в тему посвященную моду «Игра престолов» для Crusader Kings 2. Мод переносит игроков в восхитительный мир Вестероса, созданный писателем Дж. Р. Р. Мартином в книжном цикле Песнь Льда и Пламени.

Хотели вы когда-нибудь сыграть за Старков? Или может быть за Ланнистеров? Или даже за Таргариенов? Как насчет Краббсов или Фрейсов? В этом моде вы сможете сыграть не только за Великие Дома Вестероса, но и за семьи поменьше. Данный мод включает в себя абсолютно новую карту, сделанную главным моддером и лидером группы разработчиков мода – Cabezaestufa. В моде добавлены новые черты характера, новые модельки, новые события и много чего ещё.

Альфа версия появится в ближайшие недели (или даже дни) и с этого дня будут появляться дневники разработчиков каждые 3-4 дня. В дневниках будет рассказываться о нововведениях и изменениях в моде.Также в дневниках публикуются скриншоты и ответы на вопросы.

И помните когда вы играете в Игру Престолов вы Выигрываете или Умираете.

О чем этот мод?

Игра Престолов – мод для игры Crusader Kings 2, который основан на мире Вестероса, созданный писателем Дж. Р. Р. Мартином в цикле книг "Песнь Льда и Пламени"

Когда будет доступна играбельная версия?

Скоро. Недели, если даже не дни.

Какой сценарий будет готов первым?

Первым сценарием будет восстание Роберта. Мод базируется на цикле книг и великой модификации для первых Крестоносцев, сделанной Grell’ом. Но будущие версии будут включать в себя больше сценариев

Я хочу помочь, что мне сделать?

Связаться с любым человеком из списка credits


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Форум разработчиков

Дневник №1, часть 1 - Персонажи

Перейдем к действительно важному, к тому, зачем вы сюда пришли – скриншотам и мыслям о западе. О Западе не так много говорится, в основном о Ланнистерах, Клигинах и Пейнах. Остальные же упоминают лишь по именам или вообще никак. Так что пришлось сделать что у большинства лордов характеристики и статы генерируются при начале игры. Данное решение способствует реиграбельности. Но к ключевым персонажам нужен особый подход. Встречаем Ланнистеров.


Не обращайте внимание на щиты – их заменят

Сделано 2 оттенка желтого для их волос. Создатели намерены оставить их такими – светловолосыми сделать основу семьи и более «блондинистыми» северную часть семьи. Ланнистеры проживающие в Ланниспорте будут иметь темные волосы.


Напомню что представленный характеристики персонажей ещё в процессе балансировки и сравнения с другими персонажами, то есть первоначальное представление о них) Создатели пытаются предотвратить появления рандомных характеристик у важных персонажей (например, как видно на скриншотах Джейме и Серсея имею характеристику «скромные», что никак не подходит им.

Также существует проблема с Тирионом, ему должно быть 8 лет, однако если ему поставить 8 лет игра начнет сама выставлять ему характеристики, так что в интересах геймплея, он взрослый. Данное решение не далось легко, но некоторые черты характера, которые Тирион мог бы получить, заставили бы дрожать самого Мартина. До тех пор пока не найдется решение уж лучше все останется как есть. Создатели надеются найти сделать новую картинку для него, чтобы он соответствовал своему карликовому росту. Другой популярной семьей являются Клиганы.


Причиной, по которой им добавили так много черт в том, что создатель мода пытается побороть «феномен Скачущей Горы», так как не считает милосердным бить детей о стены (?). Игра же продолжает издеваться, добавив Сандору черту «ленивый», с которой создатель также не согласен Пейны же служат примером того, как авторы придумывают и создают больше людей.


Дневник №1, часть 2 - Карта Запада

Перейдем к карте


Герцогства, которые были введены в игру. Сомнения вызывало Кастамаре, помните что и Тарбек Холл и Кастамаре – «разрушенные» замки, принадлежащие Тайвину, в то время как Герцогство Кастамаре относится к Глубоким Копям, принадлежащий Дому Лидденов с самого начала игры. Предполагается, что Пекледон и Гринфилд будут более населенными зонами, так как они граничат с Ривераном (Речные земли) и с Простором. Более ничего не заслуживает внимания. Немного золотых шахт тут и там, которые дают тонны золота, не стоит о них даже говорить. Вместо этого посмотрим на графства


Графства на карте могут быть устаревшими. Это начальные тесты по балансу военных сил


В самом начале и до того как Тайвин умирает, Запад реальная сила в игре. Они могут призвать порядка 46 тысяч солдат, в процессе же игры данное количество может колебаться от 22 до 50 тысяч, что очень близко к первоначальным идеям команды по поводу количества войск. Так как мы используем новую систему строительства и так как создатели не хотели создавать множество поселений за исключением лишь самых крупных, достичь это было достаточно трудно.

Подсказка – Будьте внимательными с Ланниспортом. Замок и город сами по себе очень сильные и развитые, так что старайтесь держать мэра города счастливым и довольным или же он может одержать победу в восстании.

И напоследок создатель решил поделиться забавным багом, который был оперативно устранен. Морс Амбер был женат на Пейлине Кенинге и у них появлялись дети. Рандом рандомен, интересно почему они?


Дневник разработчиков №2: Мейстеры, Десница короля, Ночной дозор

Добро пожаловать во вторую часть дневников разработчиков, которая будет одновременно и волнующей и вызывающей массу вопросов. Круг вещей, о которых будет говориться в дневнике, по мнению самих разработчиков, представляют лишь незначительную часть игрового процесса, но, вводя их в игру, создается более близкая к Вестеросу атмосфера. Вначале поговорим о Мейстерах. Мейстер – позиция при дворе, которая пришла на смену священнику.


На скришноте можно посмотреть названия всех должностей при дворе. Про десницу короля будет рассказано отдельно.

Причина по которой мы не уделяем внимание Септонам в том что они не так важны при дворе как мейстеры. Мейстеры представляют собой «образованных» персонажей в данной вселенной. Разработчики не принижают важность септонов и говорят, что они будут представлены в моде в том или ином виде. Также будут изменены обязанности придворных. На данный момент «инквизиция» была заменена действием «Воспитание детей» - которое с определенным шансом у случайного ребенка будет повышать или понижать навыки каждый год. Разработчики приветствуют идеи о других обязанностях. Молодой персонаж с навыком образования больше 10 может быть послан в Цитадель для прохождения курса Мейстера.


После завершения обучения, которое займет несколько лет персонаж получит новую черту – «Мейстер» (вместе с чертой бастарда/лишенного прав на престол – исключающие их из линии наследования)


Обратите внимание на крутые волосы Таргариенов – ручная работа одного из разработчиков мода – cabe

Мейстеры будут посылаться в случайные владения, и проживут всю свою жизнь в служении своему господину. На этом пока все о Мейстерах.

Разработчики пытаются заставить работать событие о Архимейстерах (проблема в том, что игра отбраковывает придворных старше 40 лет) и возможно в будущем будет добавлен процесс отбора Гранд Мейстера, также есть идеи по вводу нового вида заговора с участием Мейстера, принадлежащего к вашей династии.

Разработчики тщательно пересмотрели позицию Десницы короля. Данная должность может быть создана лишь при дворе Короля (Императора в базовой версии Crusader Kings 2). Данная должность приносит больше денег и престижа и дает хороший прирост отношений. На форуме разработчиков была озвучена идея наделения этой должности функций всех остальных позиций при дворе. Но польза от такого действия сомнительная и не перевешивает времени потраченного на баланс.


Также будет множество событий/заговоров с участием Десницы короля. И разработчики надеются, что все это покажется игрокам очень «вкусным». Последняя часть дневника рассказывает о Ночном дозоре.


Дозор на данный момент открытая выборная феодальная область и это значит, что он будет доступен для игры. Однако на данный момент никакого особого смысла играть за Дозор нету - все Казус Белли для Дозора были отключены: они не могут нападать и на них никто напасть не может, сделано это для того, чтобы сбалансировать основные королевства без вмешательства Дозора. Идей в отношении Дозора много, но все они пока на ранней стадии разработки – будут введены механизмы для симуляции нашествий одичалых, восстановления и пополнения замков и вышедший из-под контроля Лорд-командующий и т.д. Все это должно сделать игру за Дозор интересным вариантом. Также разработчики просят делиться своими идеями на форуме проекта.

Несколько новых скриншотов, чтобы подогреть интерес к моду.


Событие связанное с Ночным дозором


Скришнот Простора – карта очень красивая

Взято с В., которая в свою очередь взяла его с Гардарики.



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Новая версия шапки

Изменено пользователем Lord-Inquisitor
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Извиняюсь за ссылку на другой ресурс, но только там внятное описание мода на русском.

Так вот, скоро выйдет альфа-версия (после 1.05 скорее всего) и всплывает необходимость перевода. Найдутся ли энтузиасты для этого? Есть на форуме поклонники творчества Джорджа Мартина?

Изменено пользователем Meltafess

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Ссылка на сообщение
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Извиняюсь за ссылку на другой ресурс, но только там внятное описание мода на русском.

Так вот, скоро выйдет альфа-версия (после 1.05 скорее всего) и всплывает необходимость перевода. Найдутся ли энтузиасты для этого? Есть на форуме поклонники творчества Джорджа Мартина?

На это уж точно найдутся. Могёшь не переживать ;)

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Очень приятно, что вы следите за работой других ресурсов, но к сожалению, перевод не с В. так сказать, а с другого ресурса, который не разрешает брать свою работу, не разместив источников. Но так как ваши законы запрещают ссылки, то у нас возникла проблема, которую надобно решить.

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Ссылка на сообщение
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Гессенский стрелок

Очень приятно, что вы следите за работой других ресурсов, но к сожалению, перевод не с В. так сказать, а с другого ресурса, который не разрешает брать свою работу, не разместив источников. Но так как ваши законы запрещают ссылки, то у нас возникла проблема, которую надобно решить.

Никакой проблемы нет, Гардарика не запрещена

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Ну раз не запрещена, разместите источники ;)

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да кого волнуют ваши источники, это же игры престолов

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Было бы неплохо перенести тему в этот раздел.

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Ссылка на сообщение
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Упоминание Гардарики добавил. С темой ещё подумаю. Если и перенесу, то позже.

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Эээээм... Господа, тут такое дело...

В общем вот:

тыцкНажмите здесь!

Условия воспроизведения материалов сайта и форума Гардарика

Полное или частичное воспроизведение материалов сайта и форума допускается при следующих условиях:

1. Воспроизведение материалов сайта и форума возможно только по прошествии 14 дней с момента публикации материала на форуме или сайте Гардарика.

2. Обязательна кликабельная ссылка на первоисточник с указанием названия нашего ресурса — Гардарика.

3. Обязательно указание автора материала.

4. При размещении десяти и более статей с сайта Гардарика обязательно размещение нашего баннера в партнерском разделе.

Код баннера:

<a href="http://gardarike.org" target=_blank><img src=http://forum.gardarike.org/forumimages/gardarike88x31_4.png border=0 alt="Gardarike.org - историко-игровой портал Гардарика" width=88 height=31></a>

Встречные предложения о баннерообмене приветствуем!


Собственно, должна быть ссылка, вот.

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Ну а в чем проблема-то с размещением ссылки на перевод?

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Супер!!!Очень жду так как являюсь поклонником и книг и сериала.

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Ну а в чем проблема-то с размещением ссылки на перевод?

Проблема в том, что ссылки то и нет.

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Проблема в том, что ссылки то и нет.

Это я понял. В чем проблема её поставить?

На сколько я в курсе - гардарика не входит в список из 3х запретных форумов.

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Это я понял. В чем проблема её поставить?

На сколько я в курсе - гардарика не входит в список из 3х запретных форумов.

Ну я маленько не модератор =)

Я, если что, не совсем в теме, просто остальным нашим лень этим заниматься =)

Изменено пользователем n00bsky

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Ну я маленько не модератор =)

Я, если что, не совсем в теме, просто остальным нашим лень этим заниматься =)

Скинь префекту ссылку на оригинал перевода. Я не думаю, что кто-то будет целенаправленно его искать :)

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Я просто оставлю это тут...

Естественно, надо перенести в шапку.

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ссылкиНажмите здесь!

Я просто оставлю это тут...

Естественно, надо перенести в шапку.



Изменено пользователем Maslov55

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Мод моей мечты ^_^

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господа, новостей не слышно?

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